Babylove, don’t your eyes ever get tired
of being so wide and beautiful?
I want to call you little brother – will you let me?
If you do I swear by my own blue eyes
I’ll hold up the flower of your life and protect it.

You and I are alike, I fell from the sky
just like you, and the world keeps causing me grief
I wasn’t what they wanted, never have been,
I’m a loner
and no one can love me.
Let’s be brother and sister. You want to?
We’re both of us free and the earth is free,
we won’t be afraid of their laws, they can’t hurt us,
we’ll make our own laws
and model the clay of our own behavior.
You’re my flower of blue, you are beautiful,
I know that, and everything’s tender and sudden
when you talk about Sochi and sunshine
and your eyes gro wide when you do it.
I’ve been doubtful of everything all my life
but now I believe, instantly and forever:
a trail has been blazed ahead of us,
and no one can ever obscure it.
Let’s avoir a lot of useless words.
I’ll be your long-haired priest
and just Mass.
We’ll drink the blue waters of purity,
and names will never hurt us.

– Khlebnikov (1921)

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